21 Sleep Strategies in Sleep Smarter: An Interview with Shawn Stevenson

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  • Your body and mind are the most important assets you have. - Shawn Stevenson.  
  • Listen to this interview with Shawn Stevenson, sought after nutritionist and author of Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health and Greater Success. 

Getting your body into an anabolic state is key to better health and higher performance. If you've ever gotten eight hours a sleep and not felt rested, this interview is for you. Shawn's 21 Essential Strategies For Better Sleep include:

  1. Never sacrifice sleep to meet deadlines. In short, know the value of sleep on your health. 
  2. Get more sunlight during the day. 
  3. Avoid computers and TV and your phone and all screens before bedtime. 
  4. Don't drink caffeine six to eight hours before bed. 
  5. Stay cool. Your body temperature impacts sleep. 
  6. Go to bed at the right time every night. Between 10:00pm and 2:00am hormone secretion and recovery is at it’s optimum. 
  7. Magnesium is an anti-stress mineral. Shawn talks about how to rub magnesium into your skin before bed. 
  8. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Keep your work out of the bedroom. 
  9. Your bed should be used for sex and sleep. Orgasm can be helpful for restful sleep. 
  10. Sleep in a dark environment. Make your bedroom dark; sleep masks aren't the answer, because your skin can also see light. 
  11. Morning workouts are best for optimal sleep. Evening workouts don’t allow enough time for your bodies'  core temperature to drop. See strategy number five. Also, the best hormonal response comes from lifting weights, not cardio. 
  12. Don't sleep with your phone. Use a dim old-fashioned alarm clock to wake up. As Shawn says, "Get your friends out of the bedroom." 
  13. Avoid eating right before bed. 
  14. Drinking alcohol four hours before bed will impact your sleep for the worse. Also, be sure to drink more water before bed. 
  15. Sleeping Position Matters for Good Sleep. What sleeping position is best for you? 
  16. Calm your mind. Meditation can help your sleep. 
  17. Sleeping Pills Aren't the Answer. Use supplements like chamomile smartly. Start with the things you can easily control. 
  18. Sleep at the same time every night. Go to bed and wake up within thirty minutes of the same time every day. You'll establish a sleep rhythm and you can't ever play catch up. Also, get up early. 
  19. Wear sleep attire. Putting on your pajamas or whatever loose fitting clothing you intend to wear every night, acts as a simple cue to your brain that you're getting ready for bed. 
  20. Ground yourself. Touch the ground or a tree every day. The earths electromagnetic surface has huge benefits on the human body. The body is actually a conductor and every day you go through cellular damage, simply by living your life. Damaged cells in the body set of an oxidative burst of free radicals to address them.
  21. Get a Sleep Routine. Sleep is a practice. Do the same thing every night to get ready for bed. Ritualize your routine. 

What's missing in this list? What about your bed? They aren't all created equal. Some, like LevelSleep mattresses are actually based on science and sleep studies. Stay tuned for 21 Ways to Choose A Mattress.