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15 years ago, the inventor of the TriSupport mattress, our own Roger Sramek, began his journey into sleep products and research, driven by his desire to help people sleep better and arise with more energy.

He arrived at a simple but effective concept: If our bodies are curved, why are we sleeping on a mattress with only one level of support?

He first developed a resoundingly successful pillow, which was clinically tested by Dr. Clete Kushida, medical director of the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, and director of the Stanford Center for Human Sleep Research, and found to reduce snoring by 78%. Encouraged by Stanford researchers, he went on to develop the TriSupport mattress. 

Its three zones support the curves and weights of the body with three unique sleep surfaces, including a lumbar zone that supports both back and side sleepers. Knowing that not all seemingly great ideas translate to great products, he set about testing the mattress for its effectiveness in improving sleep, its durability, and how it fared versus other mattress designs, many of which date back to the turn of the century.

We Tested Its Effectiveness in Fighting Pain and Improving Sleep

Research Study Results:

Research study results show 56 percentResearch study results showed 35 percent.Research study results showed 56 percent.Research study results showed 43 percent.

While other sleep product companies introduce products without clinical research, we think it’s essential. We commissioned an IRB-approved, single-blind sleep trial, again designed by Clete Kushida, M.D., PhD., in which study participants tested their current mattress against ours.The results confirmed that the TriSupport concept was working—participants fell asleep more quickly, woke up with less pain and stiffness, and reported significantly more energy and sleep satisfaction on our mattress.

We Tested Its Durability, and the Results Were…

Testing the durability of the TriSupport mattress to last for many years.
Tested it against the leading mattress designs.

We designed the TriSupport mattress to last for many years, and were confident enough to back it with an 11-year warranty. But how would it stand up over time?In April of 2016, we commissioned an independent testing lab to conduct a mattress durability and firmness test in their labs. The protocol involved applying a hydraulic press to the mattress’s center, then rolling a 240-lb weight along its length—100,000 times. That’s a lifetime of abuse. So how did it do?The TriSupport mattress lost only 0.06 inches (1.44mm) of height. That’s less than the depth of a penny. And the mattress lost only 6.6 percent of its firmness. While most foam mattresses begin forming pits and grooves in months, TriSupport’s results stunned even us.

We Tested It Against the Leading Mattress Designs

Unlike all other mattresses, the TriSupport mattress focuses on zones and not layers. That is, its three zones accommodate the body’s different weights and shape, reducing pressure on shoulders and hips and lessening pain and tossing.The concept shone in Stanford sleep research trials, but we still had to know—had we truly created a superior mattress? We put TriSupport to the test against the leading mattress designs, all of which use layers of foam, springs, or a combination of these.We used pressure-sensing mapping technology to evaluate the amount of pressure experienced on various parts of the body.

Pressure and sleep disturbance comparison of Level Sleep vs. other mattress types
This is a pressure key measuring from low to high.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Some Challenges of Memory Foam are Uniform surface, Dense foam traps heat and causes night sweats, and restricts movement, making it harder to get out of bed.

Possible Issues with Memory Foam:

  • Single, uniform surface may pack down into trenches
  • Its dense foam can trap heat and cause overheating
  • May retain smells
  • Sinks and restricts movement, making it harder to get out of bed


Innerspring Mattresses

Some Challenges of Innerspring Mattresses are Lack durability, Squeaky and can disturb partner.

Possible Issues of Innerspring Mattresses:

  • May lack durability
  • Squeaking springs and motion transfer can disturb partner
  • Requires padding for comfort

Level Sleep™ with TriSupport™ Low-pressure Mattress

Our mattresses, toppers, and pillows come with a 110-Day Trial, meaning you can get a full refund any time during the trial period.

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Our mattresses, toppers, and pillows come with a 110-Night Trial, meaning you can get a full refund any time during the trial period.

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