• A long, slender pillow custom-designed to fit between your legs.  A specific contour-fit aligns it perfectly to your legs, and a recessed "foot rest" near the bottom provides a comfortable place for your feet while keeping the pillow in place.

Restore™ Lower Body Pillow

Your lower body needs support, too. Alignment doesn’t stop at your back. To keep your body comfortably, naturally aligned, it’s best to keep your legs together. Our unique design helps you avoid pulling your spine out of line with your top leg, while cushioning your knees and ankles.

Try it risk-free for 110 nights and remember what it’s like to wake up refreshed and without pain.

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A Clinically Proven Better Night's Sleep.

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    Comfort Guarantee.

    We call it our "No Pain Campaign." We ship your pillow free to your door and if, at any time during your first 110 nights you're not sleeping better and more comfortably, we'll accept your return and issue a refund.

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    Made Right Here
    in the USA.

    Your product is made to order in our US factory of quality, non-toxic, US-produced materials. When you buy a LEVELsleep mattress, you're not only supporting your body—you're supporting your country's economy.

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    5 year warranty

    Sleep Easy Knowing
    You Are Covered.

    Your purchase is protected from defects for 5 years and backed by a full replacement or refund. Because we use the best-of-the-best materials and top-notch manufacturing we stand confidently behind our Warranty.


Product Details

All our products are made in the USA of non-toxic materials.
If you'd like to learn more about the order and shipment process, please visit our FAQs

Size specs
26” x 11” x 3” (with support levels)
Durable, breathable Recoveree stretch polyester
Poly Urethane Foam
Remove foam pillow and level inserts. Spot clean pillow with clean, damp cloth and allow to air dry. Place cover in a gentle wash cycle with warm water and no bleach or fabric softener. Once clean, tumble dry on low temperature. Do not dry clean.

Level Sleep Customer Reviews

Our customers are experiencing reduced pain and deeper sleep.

How it Works: Your Product's Journey to You

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    Your Mattress, Baked Fresh

    When you place your order, we immediately submit it to our manufacturing facility. Your mattress is made to order, quality inspected (in this case by Roger, the inventor), compressed, and then tightly rolled into a compact box, ready for shipping.

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    Look Who's Staying the Night

    Your mattress is shipped free to your door, with most orders arriving in seven days or less. We'll send shipping updates as your order makes its way to you. It's delivered in a thoughtfully designed box featuring carrying handles to make it easy to bring into your bedroom.

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    Let the Fun Begin (and the Pain End)

    Setting up your mattress is easy and a fun experience. Remove it from the box, unroll it, cut the plastic shipping cover, and watch it rise. Let it take its full shape and place on any hard flat surface—box springs, floor, or slats—and you’re ready for the best sleep of your life.